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It was dusk and I was walking up the street to my parents house and I noticed three ambulances in front of their neighbors house.  The lights were flashing, illuminating the entire street blue and red.  I ran to them.

There were people huddled together sobbing.  On the lawn there were about 20 bodies under red and navy fleece blankets.  They were all the size of children.

I ran to my dad and asked him what happened.  He seemed calm, “Dixie got into the straws…”  

At this point most of the bodies had been loaded into the ambulances.  “Dixie killed people?!”

I imagined her mouth full of colorful drinking straws as she mauled the small neighborhood kids.  There were 3 bodies left on the lawn.  These were under white sheets and much smaller than the other bodies.  

I wondered what would happen to Dixie after her vicious attack.  She would likely be taken away.  I looked over to the three bodies still laid out on the grass.  Dixie was playfully jumping around and sniffing the lifeless children under the sheets.

Lumen Festival 2014

Photo Courtesy of Dan Fuller @pfscht
#lumen2014 #statenisland how to swim in a pool of meat #yesbutisitart?”

Photo Courtesy of Kiera K. @kieramk
“This girl flailed around in her swimming pool before screaming that there wasn’t enough water, then cut it up with an electric knife….. She then used the knife to cut a fat steak in half, threw it on the floor a few times before dancing around with it, and then screamed about wanting to swim before sitting down to cut her swimmies up. #lumen #lumen2014

Photo Courtesy of Mandy @mandyoaklander
“No water in the pool but she threw raw meat in there and rolled around and screamed then popped it with a saw. That’s art!”

Feminine Steak


Full video coming soon…


Work Performed – Feminine Steak
Curated by: Panoply Performance Laboratory
June 14, 2014

Steak Waltz – Figment New York 2014

14188816210_fbc74bcd81_oPhoto by Axel Taferner (ataferner)


Documentation by Alan Joseph

Bushwick Open Studios – Steak Party

10436257_10202665219286479_5521946295814297776_nBOS – Jeffersonian 2014
Photo by Jonathan Phelps

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I’ve been published!

The Bodega Monthly Anthology
Full text here: Old Spice

Why Won’t Anyone Dance With Me?

Sacred Sensoreal: Bizarre Bushwick
Work Performed: Steak Face IV (Why won’t anyone dance with me?)
Video shot by Patricio Jihon
Curated by Wild Torus
March 19, 2014


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