California Oreos

by jelliebeers

I’m at an art opening.  All the artwork is shit.  There’s a room full of laser beams.  This girl is being a bitch to me.  Someone is giving away free AAA batteries.  I get tired of the opening so I drive to California.  I stop at a brightly lit super market.  It is a supermarket that only carries processed junk food.  All the aisles are stocked to the ceiling with colorful plastic bags and packets. I go into the oreos aisle and look for the marshmallow crispie flavor.  They don’t have it, but they do have cookie dough.  I don’t want anything.  I look for somewhere else to go but there is only the grocery store. I head to my car and look at the highway glowing with headlights.  I have forgotten how to drive.  I am overcome with panic.